Mucous + Blood Cleanse

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Mucous membranes line many tracts and structures of the body, including the mouth, nose, eyelids, lungs, stomach and intestines.

This alkaline diet-approved herbal blend in powder form was crafted to help our body's ability to cleanse and detox the mucous membranes, blood, and cells, since keeping these membranes clean and healthy is key to steering clear of dis-ease in the body.  An eating plan that's high in fresh veggies and greens and low on sugars and processed foods is recommended when using this blend, for best results.

Be warned: Due to the pungent herbal notes and the strong ocean flavor of the sea moss and bladderwrack in this herbal blend, we mostly recommend this mix to the more advanced (and hardcore) herbal warriors.  If you want the benefits but know yourself to be more sensitive to bitter or pungent tastes, then we recommend the capsules instead.

  • All Organic Ingredients.
  • Helps Cleanse the Mucous Membranes and Blood.
  • Helpful for people who suffer from sinuses and allergies.
  • Provides an abundance of minerals.
  • Can help the body regulate its own PH levels.
  • Helpful when transitioning to a mostly plant-based food plan
  • Ideal for breaking a fast or as part of a detoxing regimen

**Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  It is meant to be used as a dietary supplement.**

  • Sea Moss – Sea Algae containing 92 out of 102 minerals our body needs including Iron which promotes healthy Red Blood Cell count. In addition Sea Moss is full of Potassium Chloride, a nutrient that may help dissolve phlegm in the Mucus Membrane. 
  • Bladderwrack – Also a Sea Algae in the form of Kelp that reinforces the benefits of Sea Moss. Due to its high mucilage content it may help expel excess mucus from the lungs. 
  • Chlorophyll – What gives plants their Green appearance. Foods packed with Chlorophyll are much of what sustains and builds essential elements of blood. Greens also have a strong Alkalizing effect on the body. 
  • Burdock Root – High in Antioxidants that may help increase circulation and work as a blood purifier. Naturally a diuretic that may help the Kidneys Filter impurities from the blood. 
  • Sarsaparilla – Used traditionally to cleanse the blood by improving Liver function and removing toxins from the body. High Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory compounds that are believed to have a mucus-breaking bond therefore making mucus less sticky so phlegm and bacteria are able to be passed out of the body more easily. 
  • Nettle Leaf – Due to its Antihistamine and Astringent properties it helps tonify the Mucus Membranes. Its potent leaves have properties that may help cleanse the body, blood, and flush toxins.  Extremely helpful when allergy season arrives. 
  • Ginger Root – Anti-inflammatory properties may ease a dry or asthmatic cough. It contains Antiviral and Antibacterial properties that can help reduce congestion in the chest by drying out excess mucus therefore stimulating removal of build up.
  • Cascara Sagrada – A gentle stimulant Laxative that supports digestive health, its mucilaginous component acts as a bulking agent that cleanses the intestines of toxins being released during the cleansing process. 
  • Stevia Leaf – our favorite natural sweetener leaf, safe to use when watching your sugar or carbohydrate intake.

*All Organic Ingredients, unless otherwise noted.*

**Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  It is meant to be used as a dietary supplement.**


As a dietary supplement, dissolve 1 tablespoon of powder daily in 16oz of water and drink within 10 minutes of mixing.  Some people also like to mix this into a smaller amount of juice or a smoothie.  You can also experiment with adding lemon or lime to help the taste.

Sensitive stomachs should start with 1/2 tablespoon daily and increase a full tablespoon gradually.

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