About Us

Formerly known as Health Outpost, Compton Health bar is a womxn owned and operated health and wellness store in Compton, California that specializes in superfoods and their healing power. We create custom formulas using herbs, roots, plants, flowers, and fruits, all in powder form for easier digestion. The formulas we create are based on each individual’s goals and needs. Everybody is different, and keeping that in mind, we have made it our standard business model to let you be your own chemist and experiment with a variety of superfoods. With dozens of ingredients in stock, the possibilities are endless! Want to sample a lil’ bit of this, and a lil’ bit of that? Go for it! We encourage it. 🙂

Our team includes a former Registered Nurse who worked in the field for more than a decade before devoting herself full time to holistic health, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach with extensive knowledge and experience in natural and holistic healing.

Rather than a destination, health and wellness is a journey that often requires outside support. It is a privilege to be part of that support system in our community.