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Our Story

Compton Health Bar is a holistic wellness space offering herbal remedies that are rooted in ancestral healing traditions. Tapping into the wisdom of generations of family healers and curanderismo practitioners, dani solorio founded Compton Health Bar to make holistic health more accessible to the Compton community.

Since 2012, our work has been nourishing the BIPOC, Latinx, and LGBTQIA+ community all across the United States. Our team of herbalists includes a certified integrative nutrition health coach, registered nurse, iridology practitioner, and curanderismo student. Much of our herbal remedies are rooted in ancestral Mesoamerican healing and utilize natural and organic ingredients sourced from around the world.

We continue to offer free one-on-one health consultations, both virtually and in-person, to provide custom remedies, homemade superfood formulas, and natural dietary supplements. Compton Health Bar is regularly featured in Telemundo’s hit show Acceso Total and has been part of a short documentary by BESE, Destination LA by CBS, SoCal Wanderer by PBS, along with dozens of write ups in Found/LA, Los Angeles Business Journal, Voyage LA, LatinX, and other publications.

Our current store location is at 1828 Rosecrans Ave, Compton, CA 90221.
If you'd like to feature Compton Health Bar or our founder, dani solorio, in an upcoming show, article, or podcast- please contact our marketing manager, piper(@)comptonhealthbar.com

Our Founder

Continuing the family traditions of generations of healers, dani solorio (they/them) is a renowned herbalist and the founder of Compton Health Bar, a holistic wellness space in Compton, California on Tongva land. They are also the residential herbalist for Telemundo’s Acceso Total.

Driven by their mission to bring health to the hood, dani helps people reconnect to ancestral healing practices through her all-natural herbal remedies. They are at the forefront of the wellness movement in Compton, California, as well as for the LGBTQIA+ and Latinx community across the country.

dani was born in Zacápu, Michoacán, Mexico and arrived in the United States at age six. As an undocumented student, dani’s entreprenural journey began early when they realized that college was not an option. After working in warehouses and restaurants for years, they saved up enough money to open her first business, a small video store. As their business grew, so did their drive to open up one of the only natural medicine stores in Compton, California. Since 2012, Compton Health Bar has been nourishing the BIPOC community and celebrating traditional herbalism and healing practices.

dani and their movement to make holistic health more accessible have been featured in a mini-documentary by BESE and Destination LA by CBS, SoCal Wanderer by PBS, along with dozens of features in PBS, Found/LA, Los Angeles Business Journal, Voyage LA, LatinX, and numerous podcasts.

To book a one-on-one health consultation with dani, click here.

For inquires on press, media and podcast interviews, please email our marketing manager, piper(at)ComptonHealthBar.com.

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