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What To Expect From An Herbal Consultation

What To Expect From An Herbal Consultation

What to Expect From an Herbal Health Consultation at Compton Health Bar

Wassup Herbal Warrior? Felicidades. You are at the point in your health journey where you have decided to book a consultation with a professional herbalist, and I am so excited for you. I think we in the Latinx community often feel that some burdens we must carry on our own or keep to ourselves. I am here to remind you that that is not the case.  Wherever you are in your health journey, I am here to tell you that I wish you all the best and I hope you find relief, achieve your goals, or reach any health goal that you have set out for yourself. Not sure what to expect from your herbal health consultation? Allow me to break it down for you, lil homie.

Herbal Medicine

At your appointment, you will personally meet one on one with an herbalist at the shop.  This is your time. Share your concerns and goals. Your herbalists will ask questions to learn more and get a clear view of the whole picture. Both you and the professional herbalist at Compton Health Bar will engage in a dialogue. Y me alegro en decirte—you will be listened to by someone who is committed to helping you heal.

Iridology is also an option which can help to further facilitate your consultation. The eyes are said to be windows into the soul. At Compton Health Bar, the eyes can be windows into your health as well. After all, the iris is the most complex body tissue that is externally in contact with your environment. Certain patterns in the iris can help to serve as a guiding overview to give an overarching understanding of your overall health.

During your herbal health consultation, a professional will empathetically listen to your concerns, hear out your goals, and then offer you a tailored solution. The herbal mixologist then customizes your formula. You can choose your formula in a 7 day, 15 day or 30 day package size. Can I just add, there are so many herbs to choose from at Compton Health Bar! They have the tools and the knowledge to put together the mix that is just right for you. You want them to write your gangsta name on it? Cause they can. It is your custom formula after all. (I may or may not have a formula on my desk that says B Money’s Mix on it.)

Once you receive your customized formula, it is time to start drinking it. The herbal mixologist puts together the formula. Your part is drinking your customized herbal supplement. The herbs themselves do the healing work.

All in all, the consultation serves to begin a relationship with yourself and Compton Health Bar. Your journey with them does not end once the consultation is over. The team at Compton Health Bar is always available to answer your questions and provide continued support. Trust me, I slide into their DMs all the time with questions about my health and custom formulas.  

The best part of the consultation is that Compton Health Bar understands that health is a journey not a destination. When you book a consultation at Compton Health Bar, the healing begins there, but it does not stop there. Your journey with them does not end once the consultation is over.

The herbalists at Compton Health Bar bring knowledge, experience and compassion to your consultation. Though they can help us to heal physically, it is my belief that herbal medicine helps us all to heal spiritually as well.

As Latinx-Americans, herbal medicine is in our blood and in our roots. It is a precious treasure that I do not ever want to lose touch with. I recall gazing upon Diego Rivera’s murals at the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City. An image of the Empires of our Indigenous ancestors sprawled out before me and looked almost futuristic in the types of advancements they had. The mural depicted what everyday life looked like during those days across the empire. What stood out most to me was the image of a leader healing with herbs.  I took a moment to honor our ancestor’s memory…and to lament all the advancements that were washed away with blood during the colonization. How much knowledge was lost? In particular, I mourned the loss of plant medicine.

As sad as I felt, I remembered that in our own way, my family held on to tiny vestiges of that type of healing. I recall my Mexican-American father doing home remedies on me. Curanderismo his Nana taught him. Dad, why are your putting cebolla on my forehead? How is a cebolla going to cure my headache? We laughed and laughed as he put onion slices on my forehead and secured them with a cloth. He thought I was too young to take pain killers at the time. Guess what though? My migraine went way, with no ibuprofen type side effects to worry about.  

Curanderismo aside, there were also natural, herbal remedies I was ingesting frequently to help my ailments. Yerba Buena for my tummy ache. Te de manzanilla to calm my nerves. (I still take it before big meetings or presentations at work.) Lemon in my water en ayunas for a plethora of benefits.  What types of remedios do you recall from growing up?

Our ancestors were healers. Our abuelitas peppered herbal healing into our lives. We have a right and responsibility to include herbal healing in our health journeys. 

With the endless sea of google search results out there, however, it’s difficult to find reliable answers to some of those important questions.  One article says a certain plant is good for you. The other says it’s bad for you. Which one is reliable? This overload of information can be overwhelming. How do you know which information to trust?

Natural Medicine Near Me

I may not be able to travel back in time to the Empires of my ancestors to heal, but I can go to Compton and consult with an herbal mixologist that I can relate to. At Compton Health Bar I can access health in the ‘hood. Health in my hood, with experts who look like me and understand my experiences. Experts who honor the history behind the healing.  Herbalists, with experience and knowledge to guide me along my health journey.

Compton Health Bar can be helpful in the journey towards healing, and perhaps we are making our ancestors smile when we implement the very same healing modalities they may have practiced. A consultation offers you customized care and preserves the healing knowledge of our abuelitas and ancestors. May we always honor their legacy.

Have you experienced a consultation at Compton Health Bar? Is there anything we missed that you would like to share with someone who is considering a consultation?  If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. You can book consultations here.

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  • Susan Lengle -

    Dani, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding presentation at The Soul Sister retreat. I so enjoyed your energy and all the wonderful knowledge that you shared. You helped me remember all the herbal knowledge that I learned while living in Puerto Vallarta for 4 years. I now feel more connected to my herb garden once again.
    Interestingly enough, this year I chose many herbs to grow simply by smell and their appearance, not really considering their medicinal qualities. With the knoweldge that you shared I had the revealation that I intuitively chose the herbs that were perfect for me now in my life.
    I look forward to booking a consultation with you and seeing your beautiful space.
    Be well my Sister. See you soon. Susan

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