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Who is the Founder of Compton Health Bar?

Who is the Founder of Compton Health Bar?

Coming from generations of healers from southern Mexico, it brings me great joy to share our natural healing traditions with my community at Compton Health Bar.

Growing up as part of the undocumented community in Lynwood (just south of downtown LA), going to traditional doctors’ offices was not a common occurrence in our home – mostly out of fear because nobody’s trying to get caught up with the migra – and so using the many herbal recipes that my grandma and her grandma before her used to heal the family, was our go-to choice.

My mom has been a natural healer her whole life and I’m privileged to have learned some of our ancestors’ most effective healing practices from her and from mi abue. An equal privilege is now getting to share them with our customers who have consistently put their trust in us to help lead them to better health.

Compton Health Bar is the product of many years of practice and devotion to understanding our community’s needs. The physical space has gone through several iterations. Each larger than the last, and it fills my heart when I realize that all the growth has been organic – a direct consequence of our customers’ support and their willingness to include us in their chisme. So much so, that here we are! Ready to continue serving and helping our community rise.

In Good Health,
Dani Solorio

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