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Why You Should Eat Greens Every Day

Why You Should Eat Greens Every Day

Get Yo’ Greens!

Yo wassup Compton Health Bar Fam? How are you all doing in this new decade? Are you turning over a new leaf? Are you sticking with your goals? Are you learning new things? For instance, if you have researched how to become healthier, there is no doubt you came across the advice to consume more greens. Greens are a powerhouse that can revitalize anybody. But why? What makes greens so special? Well keep on reading fam, because in today’s blog we are going to learn all about greens (vegetables, not money) and how they can change your life for the best.

Benefits of Greens

Constipated? Get things moving with greens. Sluggish and tired? Greens may help give you the stamina you need. Do you feel like you are always fighting off some sniffles? Boost your immune system with some greens! According to this source, dark leafy greens offer the following benefits:

    • High in fiber, which will help keep you regular and help to evacuate toxins (excess estrogen or cholesterol, for example) from the body; fiber also keeps your colon healthy.
    • Rich in vitamins A, C & E, which are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants can prevent the signs of aging and a lot of cancers.
    • Rich in B vitamins, which help the blood and brain, to name just a few.
    • High in iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. These minerals are building blocks to our body.
    • Low in carbs, so they are Keto friendly.
    • Low in cholesterol, which is great if that runs in your family and you are proactively trying to prevent.
    • Low in sodium, therefore safe for anyone concerned with high blood pressure.
    • High in folate, which can prevent birth defects and prevent cancer.
    • High in vitamin K, which helps protect against inflammation.
    • Can reduce the risk of heart disease.
    • Low Glycemic Index, so diabetic safe.

Pero, aren’t they kinda gross?

No pues wow. But I get it. Maybe you already know all the benefits of greens by now. You know they’re good for you. You know you need more. Yet, you just can’t stomach them. Tal vez, nunca te acostumbrastes.  After all, in the hood, it’s not like we have fancy salad or smoothie places on every corner. We got fast food. Or, if you grew up on traditional latinx foods, maybe salsas or caldos were the extent of the veggies consumed in your home. I get it and I am not here to judge. 

However, I am here to challenge you.  Do you want to be a product of your environment? Or do you want to break the cycle and rise above? You think it’s a coincidence that junk food is more readily accessible to hoods where brown working class people live? And green shit is more available where white affluent people live? It’s not a coincidence. So, when you make a healthy choice for yourself, you are rebelling against whoever the heck is trying to make us sick in the first place. It’s so punk rock. That alone motivates me personally to get some greens in my belly.

Additionally, if you didn’t come from a healthy family, then make sure a healthy family comes from you. If you didn’t grow up in a home with a lot of greens, it’s all good. No one is to blame. Ya pasó.  But the change is going to start with you, regardless of where you are in your life. 

For instance, if you are pregnant or nursing, everything you eat basically becomes a licuado for the creatura. Once you are about 4-5 months pregnant, the fetus swallows amniotic fluid to learn how to swallow once they are born. The fetus can actually taste what you are consuming. And once they are born, they may gravitate towards those familiar flavors. Eat up some broccoli now if you want yo’ child to like it!  Let’s say your kids are grown. How can you expect them to eat greens if they don’t see you eating greens? Let’s say you have no kids. A lot of us first generation folx are often caretakers for our parents or grandparents. I think a lot of us can agree that we want our loved ones around for as long as possible, living a life of quality. Let’s lead by example.

The same way my Nana used to insist that I try her cooking as a child, I now insist my parents try any and all veggies I make. Whoever is in your life, be a leader of health for that special person, and that includes yourself.

If you still think greens are gross, then I challenge you to try something different. For instance, I think avocado toast is nasty. Guac though? That’s my ish. I think mushy green beans are disgusting. But when they are roasted to a crisp, they’re so bomb! So, if you think that you are not the type of person who can eat any type of vegetable, I encourage you to try a new vegetable in a new way this week. How do you like them? 

How to Implement More Greens in your Everyday Life


Smoothies– Throw some spinach and kale in yo’ smoothies! I drink a green smoothie every day and one of my nephews calls me The Hulk because its green, and because I told him it makes me strong. 
Eggs–  Throw some vegetables into that scramble! Don’t be shy. Ejotes. Minced spinach. Let’s be honest, if you eat eggs with hot sauce and a tortilla, you won’t even be able to taste the veggies anyway.


Salads– Yo! I like to mix romaine, red onion, tomato, lemon juice, olive oil and pink Himalayan salt. That is my favorite salad of all time. I can eat it as a side dish with anything. Try it and see if you like it.
Sandwiches– Stick some greens in there. Spinach or lettuce. It’s a great way to sneak it in.


Caldos– My mom used to mince tomato and onion and put them into her ground turkey meat to make albondigas. My dad hates tomato and onion…but he loves albondigas. Experiment with what veggies you can put into caldos. I personally love putting zoodles in my calditos
Pastas– I throw in broccoli into a quinoa pasta with sausage and red pepper flakes. It is so bomb. And the broccoli gets infused with the sausage flavor. 
Traditional Foods– Sopes, tacos, tostadas, you name it. Add some guac, lettuce and fresh pico de gallo on there. 


If what I wrote above made you gag, then don’t fear. Keep trying. It’s worth it. A super easy way to start is to try a Compton Health Bar Blend. Try the Get Yo Greens Mix. Flood your body with greens first thing in the morning and see how it affects your stamina for the rest of the day. I guarantee you will feel different.  Let’s break down the ingredients together, shall we?

Get Yo Greens Mix

  • Spirulina-rich in magnesium, vitamin B-12 and iron.
  • Chlorella – boosts the immune system; soothes ailments of the intestines and colon,
  • Chlorophyll – energizing, alkaline, helps red blood cell health and blood pressure; improves high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Moringa– Contains 18 out of 20 essential amino acids. Abundant in minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, and zinc.
  • Green Tea – full of antioxidants and helps energy levels.
  • Wheatgrass – Helps the body increase red blood cell production, which boosts oxygen in the body. High in vitamin C.
  • Barley Grass- Contains vitamins A,B & C. Contains minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Contains 20 amino acids, including 8 which the body cannot produce itself.
  • Alfalfa – Rich in phosphorus. Helps to treat asthma, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Also helps treat the symptoms of Menorrhagia.
  • Stevia Leaf – for flavor fam!


Whew! Talk about a nutritious blend! Now that we covered the Get Yo Greens Mix, let’s look at our other green option mix.

Greenleaf Mix

Think of Get yo Greens like a light salad and of the Greenleaf Mix like a complete meal. Greenleaf has all of the beneficial greens that Get Yo Greens offers, plus some vegan protein options, some fiber and some senna to simulate bowel movements. 

Which one fits into your lifestyle the most? I’ve tried both and I love how refreshing Get Yo Greens tastes!

Tying it all Together

We discussed the benefits of greens, why we need them in our lives, and how to implement them into our lives more regularly. How do you fit greens into your life? I’d love to read in the comments. Let’s use this platform to motivate each other. Until next time. Take care homies! Be well.

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