Blood Pressure Balance

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Our blood pressure balance formula, also referred to as our Hypertension Formula, is a combination of powerful superfoods known for their antioxidant properties that specifically target the cardiovascular system. This herbal combination supports increased circulation body-wide and helps with oxygen utilization in the heart. As all-organic medical medley, this blend can also be used to boost immune function.

  • Herbal support for blood pressure maintenance
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular system
  • Supports optimal blood flow
  • Helps support heart muscle function
  • Made with ethically sourced organic and wildcrafted herbs.

  • Free of artificial ingredients, sugar, soy, nuts, gluten, and GMOs.



**Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  It is meant to be used as a dietary supplement.**


Proprietary Blend – 700mg

  • Hawthorn Berries – Hawthorn berries contain flavonoids and other compounds that benefit the circulatory system. They also contain volatile oils, saponins, alkaloids, vitamins and minerals. Its benefits include strengthening the walls of blood vessels and increased oxygen to the heart muscle.  It acts similar to calcium channel blockers to lower blood pressure – without the side effects.
  • Passionflower – Full of flavonoids and alkaloids, passionflower is commonly used as a powerful nerve tonic to help cope with stress and reduce anxiety.  It’s GABA-producing properties make it ideal for lowering systolic blood pressure.
  • Hops (flower) – Known for it’s nerve calming and relaxing properties, hops is great for individuals whose elevated blood pressure may be a result of stress and anxiety.
  • Licorice (root) – an adaptogenic herb that’s been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years, it is present in small amounts to help prevent adrenal fatigue.
  • John’s Wort (leaf) – Added in only trace amounts to our formula, this plant is used to lower anxiety and depression, which for certain individuals, can be a factor that affects blood pressure.
  • Damiana (leaf)  – used to strengthen the nervous system, which in many cases can help to reduce blood pressure. It is also used in depression, anxiety and nervous exhaustion.
  • Inositol Powder – Various studies have indicated the effectiveness of Inositol in helping to support a healthy circulatory system. The way that it works is by acting as a ‘secondary messenger’ to help your body take up more glucose from your blood.

1 teaspoon 1-3 times daily. Increase or decrease amount as needed. This powder formula can be enjoyed as a hot tea, in room temperature purified water, and mixed into a fresh squeezed juice or smoothie.

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