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Easy Ways to be Healthier

Easy Ways to be Healthier

Easy Ways To Be Healthier 

Felicidades! You decided to research how to be healthier and I am so happy for you. I want you to know that the intention of this particular blog post is to break down every day things you can immediately implement into your lifestyle to start living yo’ healthiest vida! Read on to see my favorite healthy tips for beginners. Health stuff should not be overwhelming or feel out of reach. You also do not have to spend an arm and a leg to begin either. 

One of the things that turned me off from a healthy lifestyle back in da days was fear. I thought working out was vain and made me conceited. I (incorrectly) assumed that people who ate veggies were somehow preachy. Underneath all that, I was afraid of failure. 

I was once what is referred to as skinny fat. I looked slim and since our society associates slim with healthy, I was not concerned with my health. I was putting crap into my body—Redbull, Hot Cheetos, Instant Ramen, you name it. Fruit?? My body only knew Fruit Roll Ups. And I wondered why I felt so tired all the time. SMH. I’d like to think that I’ve come a long way. The reason I bring up my past is to tell you that I had to learn a lot of health-related things on my own.  There is so much information out there. I had to sift through a lot of BS and a couple of MLMs before I figured out what worked and what didn’t. A lot of these tips that I am about to share, I discovered myself through trial and error. Read them for yourself, and through your own discernment, you can decide if they are worth trying or not.


Walking is amazing for a lot of different reasons. First off- anyone, at any fitness level, can start walking. Next, it is completely free. No gym membership required. Walking is also versatile. You can wake up a little earlier on some days to get a walk in. You can walk on your lunch break, after work, you get the picture. If you have kids, put them in the stroller. Bring them along. According to Kayla Itsines, you should walk 35-45 minutes 3-4 times a week to enjoy the benefits of fat burning, reducing stress, and building endurance. Try it. You can listen to some jams while you get your walk on, or invite an amigx. I used to catch up (aka gossip) with my friends at happy hour. Now we get together to walk. It’s cheaper and better for us. 


It may sound obvious, but how much water do you drink a day? Really. If you’re anything like me, probably not enough. Try your best to drink 3 liters a day. This will keep you hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the better you will feel. Hydration can help contribute to regular bowel movements, keep you detoxed, curb cravings and help with mental clarity. Some spiritual practices dictate that drinking more water can help increase feelings of positivity and decrease feelings of negativity. Drink up! Start sipping. 

Here is how I keep myself accountable with water on a normal day:

  • In the morning, if I go on a walk before work, I will drink my first liter before I even get to work.
  • At work, I sip on a liter throughout the day
  • After work, I sip on my third liter while I run errands, cook dinner, eat dinner, etc.

Another thing that helped me was investing in a cute reusable bottle! I consider it as one of my accessories as I get my sip on. 

Lastly, if you are reading this and are thinking, but B-Money, water is nasty and doesn’t taste like anything. Homie, I got chu! Add some lemon to yo’ water. Chop up some cucumbers and throw them in. Sprinkle some mint leaves into your water. Experiment with (unsweetened) sparkling water. Keep trying it. You will find a way to fit it into your gustos. (And share any tips in the comments! Let’s keep each other accountable.)


Get Yo’ Greens

I do not know about you but when I get my veggies in, I just feel better. I feel like my skin looks clearer. I look less bloated. It is as if they revitalize me. If you feel you don’t like veggies, I am here to say, that maybe you haven’t tried them in a way that suits your palette. No me pegues! Hear me out. For instance, I cannot eat soggy, overcooked veggies. They gross me out, dawg. I prefer my vegetables to be slightly crunchy. Just barely steamed enough so that they are warmed and cooked, but still maintain a crisp about them. One of my friends, on the other hand, thinks al dente veggies are raw and nasty. She prefers them to be mushy and overcooked. To each their own.

Another thing, there are certain vegetables that don’t do it for me. Eggplant, mushrooms, and a few others. I can’t.  But chayote, asparagus, green beans and broccolini? That is my shiiiiieeet! Experiment and see which veggies appeal to you. It’s a worthwhile experiment. 

Additionally, you can try the Get Yo Greens Mix from Compton Health Bar. Chug it en ayunas to flood your body with greens and feel healthy AF. Down it so you can feel lean, clean, and green.

Satisfy yourself (Don’t starve yourself)

It’s happened to me before. I try to cut back on portions, I am not satisfied, I end up being ravenous and I binge on junk food. Why limit myself? It will just backfire. Through these slip ups, I’ve learned that I should just fill up on good, healthful food. If I am satisfied, I won’t end up binging on junk. So what are some satisfying swaps?

The following is a list of swaps I have made over the years.

Breakfast Then: 

A donut with a coffee with cream and sugar

Breakfast Now:

  • Half a cup of rolled oats
  • 1 cup mixed berries
  • A handful of mixed nuts
  • A dash of chia seeds
  • Some cinnamon or vanilla extract for flavor and sweetness
  • Black coffee


Lunch Then:

Salami and cheese sandwich on white bread with Hot Cheetos on the side and a coke

Lunch Now:

  • Nitrate Free Turkey Breast (or sometimes canned tuna)
  • Hummus as a spread (instead of mayo)
  • Dave’s killer bread (thin sliced)
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • Spinach
  • With a side of jicama con Tajin for a salty crunch


Afternoon Snack Then:

I used to drink a Redbull and eat a snickers almost every day at 3 pm

Afternoon Snack Now:

  • Celery and Peanut Butter
  • Or an apple with organic low-fat string cheese
  • Or cucumbers with lemon and tajin


Dinner Then: 

Pizza or a burger 

Dinner Now:

  • Chicken Breast, Brown Rice and salad
  • Or Sirloin, asparagus and potatoes 
  • Or fish, quinoa and broccolini (the broccolini makes me feel bougie)

As you can see, the swaps I made still include a ton of food. I am not swapping my pizza for a few bites of lettuce. I am swapping it for real food which will make me feel real full and real good. 


Get some advice

Still not sure where to start even after reading through these tips? Try a consultation at the Compton Health Bar. They take the stress and intimidation out of health. They will hear you out and formulate a game plan based on your goals, your concerns, and where you are at on this health journey. The best part? Connecting with the Compton Health Bar means that can you build a long term relationship with someone who genuinely wants to see you feeling your best. Take it from me. I am constantly sliding to Compton Health Bar’s DMs with follow up questions or new arising questions. (At this point, anyone remotely associated with CHB is basically my comadre.) If you have no idea where to start or feel overwhelmed with info, this is a great option to find reliable clarity with your best interests in mind.


Tying it all Together

This specific post is really for people who are just starting off. I want you to know that being healthy is within reach. You do not already have to look a certain way or have a certain income or status to be healthy. Everyone deserves to feel their best. It starts with a decision, knowledge, and the creation of habits. You are worthy of a healthy life. 

While were are on this subject, I want to say: It’s happened to me before where I’ve slipped up. I didn’t make time for my workout. I didn’t pack a lunch and caved and had something that is not the healthiest option. There are days when I am stressed and I eat my feelings away with some Takis smothered with nacho cheese. I am a human being and I make mistakes. There is absolutely no shame in that. When I slip up, I acknowledge it. I accept it. I enjoy the mindful indulgence and then I move on. Has this ever happened to you? If so, dust yo’self off and get back to that healthy path! You’ve got this and you owe it to yourself to keep pushing forward. Plus, The Compton Detox is always there to help reset after some of those indulgences.

What did you think of these tips? Would you like to see a post for healthy tips for someone who is more intermediate in their healthy lifestyle? Or a post with advanced tips for experienced Health Gangstas? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you are completely new to this health thing, did these tips help at all? What steps have you taken to start living a more healthy lifestyle? I’d love to continue this conversation below. Hasta la promixa, homies!

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