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Prenatal Care Tips

Prenatal Care Tips

Prenatal Care Tips from Compton Health Bar

Pregnancy is a beautiful, magical, mystical thing. I think sex education and science can explain away some of the magic, but not all of it. When a mujer is pregnant, her body transforms into a vessel that incarnates a soul and brings it through to this world. Morning sickness, weight gain, hormonal changes, it is all part of the gift of the ability to give light to life. Indeed, it is a gift, and a responsibility.

A gift, a responsibility and sometimes a lot of pressure. Can you relate? You can’t drink alcohol or too much caffeine. You must avoid certain foods. Order meat well done. There are so many variables to consider!  Whew yeah—it sure can also feel like a lot of pressure.

I am not even pregnant, and I can sort of relate. For instance, my suegra often tells me not to lift heavy things or climb flights of stairs because it may be bad for my matriz and I have to keep my matriz healthy and aligned. Or, my mother tells me not to stress too much because it may affect my health, particularly my feminine health, in the long term. I can only imagine what it will be like when the day comes that I am actually pregnant. That being said, I am also grateful for the advice coming from my suegra and mother because I know it is rooted in love. They love me and they already have so much love for my children that have yet to come into this world. 

The advice my mama and suegra share are rooted in creencias from their Salvadorian culture. I am half Mexican American and half Salvadorian American, and all my life, I have heard women’s health tips that are rooted in our ancient Mesoamerican culture. Abuelitas, nanas, ninas, tias, amigas, hermanas, all shared their tips with me throughout my life. Here are some of the most interesting tips (in my humble opinion) I have heard throughout my life in regards to feminine health:

  1. Use warm tortillas instead of a heat pack to treat menstrual cramps. Thrifty, environmentally friendly and comes in handy if you’ve got the hormonal munchies.
  2. Wear fajas after birth. Your body gradually becomes more and more pregnant over your trimesters. Once you give birth, you are suddenly no longer pregnant. Despues de dar a luz, your body can benefit from wearing fajas as it adjusts to no longer being pregnant. Think of the first three months after giving birth as the fourth trimester, so to speak. You want to care for your body very much during this transitional time.
  3. Drink only warm water during pregnancy and after giving birth. I credit this tip to my beloved nana, may she rest in peace. She believed cold water could shock the body and warm water was more soothing. 
  4. Think of everything you eat as smoothie ingredients and your body as a blender. What you ingest goes directly to your baby. In this way, it is also believed that any emotions you feel, your baby may feel. Watch out for corajessustos, stress, etc. Do whatever you can to care for yourself during this time. Have your partner give you a foot rub. Lay down with some rose quartz over your heart. Meditate. Pray a rosary. Whatever works for you can help support keeping you and your growing child spiritually healthy and aligned. 
  5. While on the subject of spirituality, it is important to protect yourself during pregnancy. You are a sacred vessel who is incarnating a spirit to bring through to this world, you Diosa! You will be on a higher vibration during pregnancy. For this reason, protect yourself in a way that feels authentic to you. Perhaps that is with an evil eye. Crystals. Plants. Maybe it is with a red bracelet with a cross on your left hand. For me, it is anything red or anything with the Virgin Mary that makes me feel protected, like I am shielded by a mother’s embrace . I think of my symbols of protection like magnets that attract good vibes and repel negative vibes. When I see them, they also help to keep my grounded. Before I flip out and start over reacting on something, I see my reminder of protection, breathe and let any worries pass. 
  6. Belly shape can help you predict what you’re having. If your belly is low, it could mean you’re having a boy. If it is high, it can mean you are having a girl. I remember mis tias saying this to each other. I am not sure how accurate it is, but it was a fun thing to share amongst ladies nonetheless. 
  7. My Nana always said that oatmeal and spinach are foods that help to produce breast milk. Staying hydrated will help too of course. 
  8. Tapate bien, mija. Think fuzzy socks and slippers around the house. Stay covered up. You do not want any frios to hit you as it may affect your health in the long term. I’ve also heard from senoras that since you are so sensitive during pregnancy, it is important to not be barefoot. Being barefoot during pregnancy can cause varicose veins in the future. So keep your slippers handy around the house and put your feet up whenever you can to keep circulation going! Compression socks won’t hurt either. 
  9. Try your best to not wear heels postpartum. Think about it. As a pregnancy comes to term, a baby is resting on your organs and hips. Your child passes through your birth canal, between your hips, when you give light. You can keep your hips aligned by tying a rebozo around them. Wearing heels may contribute to any misalignment in the hips. So try your best to wear supportive footwear during the third and “fourth” trimesters. 
  10. Take yo’ supplements! Prenatal vitamins, etc. The Compton Health Bar has a prenatal formula that is amazing to support your health during pregnancy. Allow me to break it down: 


Alfalfa — may prevent postpartum hemorrhage 

Spirulina — may help repent constipation and anemia during pregnancy, high in B vitamins

Irish Sea Moss —Contains 92 out of 102 minerals that our body needs for optimal function

Pea Protein — supports growing muscles 

Chlorophyll — has similar properties to hemoglobin which helps carry oxygen throughout the blood. For this reason, it can improve your quality of blood.

Ashwaganda (trace amounts) — an adaptogenic to help your body adapt to the daily changes during pregnancy. 

Ginger —anti inflammatory, and helps with nausea 

Amla — Helps digestion and boosts your immune system.

Lemon Balm — calming effect, helps calm control anxiety and stress, which is particularly important during pregnancy 

Mint — helps with nausea 

Yellow Dock — helps treat and prevent anemia 

Stevia Leaf — for flavor

Collagen — treat and prevent stretch marks from the inside!  Plus, collagen is great for your joints. You want your joints nice and healthy while you gain around 25-45 pounds during pregnancy. 

Strawberry — a superfood which is full of antioxidant vitamins, plus its delicious

Raspberry — see above description for strawberry lol

Lemon — high vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant vitamin 

Green Tea — high in antioxidants and helps with energy 

If you like the ingredients in this formula, you can always come into the shop, order online, or send us a DM to order. Think of this formula as a way to support your health. Remember, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is meant to be used as a dietary supplement.  Consult your physician, or in this case, your OB/GYN before use.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. If you are pregnant, I am so happy for you and I hope you find these tips useful or fun. Have you heard any of the tips in this blog post before? Perhaps from your tias or abuelas? What cultural beliefs or tips for women’s health have you heard over the years? I’d love to read in the comments. 

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